Efficient Vehicle Assessor

Turning gas pumps into intelligent kiosks that drive revenue and improve efficiency

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Verdeva's Efficient Vehicle Assessor TM (EVA) enables consumer-friendly applications to help motorists:

  • Opt-in for a money and time-saving enhanced retail experience while refueling
  • Do simple, secure, vehicle-related transactions
  • Reduce insurance premiums through privacy-respecting usage-based and group offers
  • Conduct DMV transactions

EVA also gives policymakers a wide range of tools to address high priorities:

  • Sustainable transportation funding that does not require tracking vehicles or invading privacy
  • Reducing costs of revenue collection
  • Vehicle identification for compliance and public safety programs
  • Vehicle, driver and location-specific policies to reduce emissions and incent efficient vehicles


Drivers save time and money with simple vehicle-related transactions at the pump or on the phone
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Retailers develop new revenue streams, adding thousands of dollars to their bottom line, and strengthen affinity programs with products and services never before possible

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Insurers get group sales and can deliver verified mileage products to the market at a fraction of the cost, without tracking vehicles. EVA's unique placement also enables innovative customer service

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State and local governments extend self-service and capture revenues at a fraction of the traditional cost

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Management Team


Kevin Condon

Founder & CEO

Kevin is the founder, CEO and inventor of the Efficient Vehicle Assessor (EVA) at Verdeva. Prior to founding Verdeva, Kevin has had extensive experience growing small and large firms in IT solutions, technical data and technical media. His experience includes start-ups, product launches, aggressive revenue growth, rapid turn-arounds, mergers/acquisitions and capital formation. Kevin has held key leadership positions at global enterprises such as Reed Elsevier (where he managed the partnership with Expedia.com to co-develop the first digital international database of hotels), and has been involved in public policy change management.

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Nick Chandler

Co-Founder & CTO

Nick is an accomplished IT services and software executive with deep public & private sector experience, including DMV modernization. Nick brings hands-on perspective and creative approaches to consumer solutions and public / private partnerships. Beyond CTO, Nick adds executive R&D, COO and CFO experience in IT start-ups and systems integrators, and leadership of multi-year, large-scale, international integration initiatives. He helped Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles improve branch capacity by 30% by automating online customer and vehicle policies, and helped the Massachusetts Connector launch the nation’s first Health Insurance Exchange. His innovative approaches are also reflected in his Smart Government™ practice leadership, and in his Medicaid rev/max financial services, and the global Real Estate Investment Network development initiative.

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Advisory Board

edward rendell

Edward Rendell

Former Governor of Pennsylvania

isaac colbert

Isaac Colbert, PhD

Dean of Graduate Studies (ret), MIT

Georgia Perakis PhD

Georgia Perakis, PhD

Transportation Pricing Expert, MIT


Jay Kirsch

Co-founder, COO of CyndX, and Former President, AOL Business, Technology & Entertainment Group.

Yokima Bennett

Yokima Bennett

Former Sr. Transportation Advisor,
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Martin Gomez

Martin Gomez

Founder, Core Computer Group

Thomas Boyer, Chief Actuary, MAPFRE USA

Thomas Boyer

Chief Actuary, MAPFRE USA

Joseph Malone, Former Treasurer, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Joseph Malone

Former Treasurer, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Steven Aronson, President and CEO, Aronson Insurnace

Steven Aronson

President and CEO, Aronson Insurance

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phone (917) 620-0589 mail info@verdevainc.com